Because of the rapidly expanding need for Cloud Training and Certification, Torque IT has embarked onto a new and exciting growth phase that will further cement the organizations position as the leading Training, Enablement and Certification solutions provider in our market. As part of this strategy, Torque IT has achieved the status of Accredited Training Partner with the Cloud Credential Council. This allows us to further broaden our training capability and scope to deliver on a spectrum of technologies through a variety of delivery methods.

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is an international member-based organization mandated to drive cloud readiness through effective competence development. The CCC has established critical cloud certifications for key IT roles in order to cultivate cloud-ready IT professionals. As an independent and vendor neutral certification body, the CCC has an expanding list of members consisting of public sector and academic institutions, cloud service providers, cloud users, cloud training providers, professional associations and international certification bodies across the world.​

The Cloud Credential Council portfolio offers certifications which speak to Cloud Computing, Big Data as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). The move into more digitally transformed organisations has seen an immense growth in cloud computing and big data, and the growth in the amount of devices which are now connected to the internet has given organisations an opportunity to look at different business models and processes, while also allowing then to reduce costs. The CCC welcomes businesses to the digital revolution by helping them transform through their vendor-neutral certifications aimed at IT Professionals.