Business Relationship Management

Business Relationship Management is about VALUE and ensuring that the enterprise is seeing optimal value for their investment.  It stimulates, surfaces and shapes business demand for a provider’s products and services and ensures that the potential business from those products and services is captured, optimized and recognized.

As a discipline, Business Relationship Management embodies a set of competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviours) that foster productive, value-producing relationships between a provider and the business units they serve.

Torque IT offers the Business Relationship Management Professional certification which encompasses the “Foundation” which supports the execution of the role, the “Pillars” which define the BRM space in terms of core disciplines and “Roof” which protects the integrity of the BRM role.

Torque IT strives to be the BRMP Accredited Training Organisation of choice to our clients across South Africa and Africa. To ensure that we maintain our vision of being the preferred training provider in each market, Torque IT has established key specialist partnerships with acknowledged market leaders for each competence. These achievements reflect our commitment to providing our customers with quality skills development, enablement, training and certification solutions that demonstrate exceptional depth and breadth.

Torque IT’s Business Relationship Management training courses will help you deliver smarter solutions on time and within budget. We provide Best Practice training and certification for novice and experienced managers.

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